Nick Fairhead

Art director, designer, illustrator, web designer, typographer based in Singapore who is trying to do something a bit different... I wanna say that I learnt everything about Illustrator from Chris Spooner and finding myself next to him (well almost) in this community is totally sick... Many thanks to y'all who have downloaded my digital scribbles...

  • Nixvex-awesome-meme-free-vector
    Nixvex awesome meme free vector
  • Nixvex-runway-girl-free-vector
    Menina do nixvex menina vetor livre
  • Nixvex-dragon-01-free-vector
    Nixvex dragon 01 vector livre
  • Nixvex-bob-dylan-free-vector
    Nixvex bob dylan free vector
  • Nixvex-big-bang-03-free-vector
    Nixvex big bang 03 vector grátis
  • Nixvex-beached-free-vector
    Vetor livre nixvex varado
  • Nixvex-lobster-free-vector
    NixVex Lobster Free Vector
  • Nixvex-skull-with-guns-free-vector
    NixVex Skull with Guns Free Vector
  • Nixvex-girl-on-beach-free-vector
    NixVex "Girl on Beach" Free Vector
  • Nixvex-dubstep-poster-free-vector
    Nixvex Dubstep Poster Free Vector
  • Nixvex-puddi-free-vector
    Nixvex puddi vector livre
  • Nixvex-anonymous-free-vectors
    NixVex Vetores grátis anónimos
  • Nixvex-jimi-hendrix-free-vector
    NixVex Jimi Hendrix Vector Grátis
  • Nixvex-stick-em-up-free-vector
    NixVex "Stick 'em up" Vector grátis
  • Nixvex-opart-circles-free-vector
    Nixvex opart circles free vector
  • Nixvex-year-of-the-rabbit-free-vector
    NixVex "Year of the Rabbit" Vector Grátis
  • Nixvex-wild-west-free-vector
    NixVex "Wild West" Vector grátis
  • Nixvex-opart-texture-free-vector
    NixVex "OpArt Texture" Vector Grátis
  • Nixvex-snowboarder-free-vector
    NixVex "SnowBoarder" Vector Grátis
  • Nixvex-angel-free-vector
    NixVex "Angel" Vector grátis
  • Nixvex-wireframe-head-free-vector
    Nixvex "WireFrame Head" Vector grátis
  • Nixvex-opart-tiles-free-vector
    NixVex "OpArt Tiles" Vector grátis
  • Nixvex-radar-screen-free-vector
    NixVex "Radar Screen" free Vector
  • Nixvex-nero-and-the-elements-free-vector
    NixVex "Nero and the Elements" Free Vector
  • Nixvex-retro-working-girl-free-vector
    NixVex Retro "Working Girl" Vector Grátis
  • Nixvex-thumbs-up-free-vector
    Nixvex thumbs up free vector
  • Nixvex-op-art-shields-free-vectors
    NixVex Op Art Shields Vetores grátis
  • Nixvex-target-practice-free-vector
    NixVex "Target Practice" Free Vector
  • Nixvex-catherine-wheel-free-vector
    NixVex Catherine Wheel Free Vector
  • Nixvex-heraldic-free-vector
    Vetor livre heráldico nixvex
  • Nixvex-we-use-air-mail-free-vector
    NixVex "Nós usamos o correio aéreo" Vector grátis
  • Nixvex-icons-for-spies-free-vectors
    NixVex Icons for Spies Free Vectors
  • Nixvex-star-pattern-on-drawing-board-free-vector
    Padrão estrela nixvex na placa de desenho vetor livre
  • Texture-vector-opart-pack
    Pacote OpArt Text Vector
  • Nixvex-nixvex-atomic-energy-free-vector-texture-and-symbol
    NixVex NixVex "Energia Atômica" Vector Free Texture and Symbol
  • Nixvex-atomic-power-station-free-vector-image
    NixVex "Atomic Power Station" Imagem vetorial gratuita
  • Nixvex-atomic-insecurity-free-vector-with-opart-texture
    NixVex "Insegurança Atômica" Vector Livre com textura OpArt
  • Nixvex-not-another-meeting-free-business-sillouettes
    NixVex "Não é outra reunião" Free Business Sillouettes
  • Nixvex-free-jagged-pattern
    Padrão irregular de nixvex
  • Nixvex-free-seismic-waves-op-art-texture
    NixVex Free "Seismic waves" Op Art Texture
  • Nixvex-free-i-like-candy-op-art-texture
    NixVex Free "Eu gosto de doce" Op Art Texture
  • Nixvex-free-vector-mix-one
    Mistura de vetores grátis nixvex
  • Nixvex-free-marilyn-monroe-vector
    NixVex Grátis Marilyn Monroe Vector
  • Vixvex-free-vector-op-art-background-with-sun-burst
    VixVex Free Vector Op Art Background com Sun Burst
  • Nixvex-free-blue-vector-background
    Nixvex fundo azul livre do vetor
  • Nixvex-free-vector-of-circular-op-art-patterns
    NixVex Vector Livre de Padrões Circulares de Arte Op
  • Vixvex-free-vector-of-op-art-circles
    VixVex Vetor grátis de Op Art Circles
  • Nixvex-free-vector-of-op-art-background-in-green
    NixVex Vetor grátis de Op Art Background in Green
  • Nixvex-free-vector-of-colorful-leaves
    Nixvex vector livre de folhas coloridas
  • Nixvex-grungy-chinese-fish-free-vectors
    Nixvex grungy peixes chineses vetores grátis

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