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    1500+ Photoshop Brushes Bundle

    With this bundle of 1,500+ Photoshop brushes ($190 value), you’ll be able to quickly create amazing custom designs without the need to produce everything from scratch.

    You’ll get a vast collection of brushes for splatter effects, painting effects, lots of different types of watercolors, abstract effects, and more. Use these high-quality brushes when you’re designing posters, t-shirts, merchandise, social media images, etc.

    Why you’ll love it

    Adding effects like watercolors, splatters, and paint to your designs is an ideal way to get a memorable, custom appearance. With the help of these brushes, there’s no need to mess with paint or scanners to get the look you want. The brushes are ready to use right away without any time or effort required on your part.

    What’s included:

    1,500+ Photoshop brushes in .abr format, compatible with Photoshop CS6 and above on PC and Mac.

    • Abstract Brushes
    • Abstract Nature Brushes
    • Abstract Samurai Brushes
    • Abstract Painting Brushes
    • Abstract Splash Brushes
    • Watercolor Brushes
    • Watercolor Splash Brushes
    • Watercolor Coffee Stains Brushes
    • Handcrafted Watercolor Brushes
    • Magic Watercolor Brushes
    • Watercolor Lines and Splash Brushes
    • Artistic Watercolor Brushes
    • Painting Artistic Brushes
    • Spooky Halloween Brushes
    • Winter Magic Brushes

    Junte-se ao Pro para desbloquear este pacote e obter:

    • Um pacote grátis por semana
    • Milhões de imagens e vídeo
    • Downloads ilimitados
    • Não requer atribuição
    • Suporte prioritário
    de US$ 9/mês
    US$ 39
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