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        Aesthetic Backgrounds Bundle

        Don’t miss out on this spectacular collection of 885 high res backgrounds. This impressive assortment provides you with many different types and styles of backgrounds, so you’ll be able to use them for countless different projects.

        The backgrounds include ephemeral ink, minimalistic watercolor, bold marble, vintage abstract, contemporary artistic, and much more. With high resolution, they’re ready for use in any digital or print-based design.

        Why you’ll love it:

        These are not typical backgrounds! This collection includes lots of different types of backgrounds that are unique and original. With such a huge selection and lots of options, you’ll find the background you need for just about any project.

        What’s included:

        885 high resolution backgrounds in .jpg format.

        • 45 Autumn Watercolor Backgrounds
        • 110 Black Artistic Backgrounds
        • 30 Contemporary Artistic Backgrounds
        • 80 Ephemeral Ink Backgrounds
        • 40 Frost Watercolor Backgrounds
        • 30 Iridescent Abstract Backgrounds
        • 190 Splash Luxury Paint Backgrounds
        • 45 Minimalist Watercolor Backgrounds
        • 40 Natural Watercolor Ombre Backgrounds
        • 20 Nebula Ink Backgrounds
        • 45 Vintage Abstract Paint Backgrounds
        • 60 Phantom Ink Backgrounds
        • 150 Bold Marble Ink Backgrounds

        Junte-se ao Pro para desbloquear este pacote e obter:

        • Um pacote grátis por semana
        • Milhões de imagens e vídeo
        • Downloads ilimitados
        • Não requer atribuição
        • Suporte prioritário
        de US$ 9/mês
        US$ 39
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