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        Authentic Transform PSD Templates Bundle

        With this bundle of 16 PSD files ($57 value) at your disposal, you’ll be able to easily style photos and text in truly original ways. There are no limits to the possibilities thanks to the variations and adjustments that can be made with each of these templates.

        The Authentic Transform PSD Templates Bundle includes 2 Analog PSD effects (1 in landscape orientation and 1 in portrait orientation) so you can create a vintage feel with a VHS look reminiscent of the 80s and 90s. There are 6 Luminous PSDs that provide adjustable light leaks, colors, and gradient maps. And you’ll also get 8 Amplify PSDs (4 in landscape and 4 in portrait), perfect for strange text effects and distortions.

        Why you’ll love it:

        This bundle makes it easy to create unique and memorable designs for posters, album art, vintage/retro designs, and more. You can customize the effects to get something different each time. You’ll have fun experimenting and coming up with lots of interesting and artistic results.

        What's included:

        • Analog PSD in landscape orientation
        • Analog PSD in portrait orientation
        • 3 Luminous PSDs in landscape orientation
        • 3 Luminous PSDs in portrait orientation
        • 4 Displacement PSDs in landscape orientation
        • 4 Displacement PSDs in portrait orientation
        • 6 gradient maps
        • Manuals with usage instructions

        Junte-se ao Pro para desbloquear este pacote e obter:

        • Um pacote grátis por semana
        • Milhões de imagens e vídeo
        • Downloads ilimitados
        • Não requer atribuição
        • Suporte prioritário
        de US$ 9/mês
        US$ 39
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